Keeping Education Relevant

Keeping education relevant is a wicked problem in education.  A wicked problem is…well, it’s super hard to define and even more difficult to solve. With peers from my MAET course we did a ton of research and tried to come up with some possible solutions to keep education relevant. Continue reading


Quickfires Aren’t as Scary as They Sound

When I was first introduced to the concept of quickfires I was excited.  Probably because we were told it came from Bravo and I love anything on Bravo TV.  Another reason is because I am fairly competitive and like a good challenge to start the day.  My definition of a quickfire is:

A task that requires you to put something together that represents your learning/experiences with a serious time constraint.  

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Applesauce, Applesauce, We All Scream for Applesauce!

Screaming for applesauce sounds about right, especially when you make it yourself!  Canning apples is a fairly simple and satisfying way to enjoy this nutritious fruit!  I gave an update of my progress in When Life Hands you Apples…Can Applesauce.  I am proud to say that I can can applesauce successfully!  The greatest challenge for me was learning to can applesauce using only YouTube, help forums and anything in my learning network.  I LEARNED a lot from this experience. Continue reading

Classroom Makeover

My new school year resolution is to turn my classroom into a more creative working space.  I read a wonderful article called Redesigning Education: Why Can’t We Be in Kindergarten for Life? (Le, 2010).  One of the kindergarten classrooms that was mentioned was specifically designed to promote creativity.  There was space for students to explore and move around.  It got me really thinking about what I am going to change about my classroom. Continue reading

WHY kayak 15 miles?

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To get better answers, you have to ask better questions.  I have never read a book more compelling than A More Beautiful Question (Berger, 2014). The ideas in this book apply not only in education but in life itself.  It has really made me question everything lately!

It was somewhat challenging to think of a good question to ask when thinking about problems in my own practice.  Trying to solve a problem in an environment that is so familiar to me was no easy task.  I began thinking about my day at school and what bothers me the most when it hit me…recess. Continue reading